At the 2018 European Permaculture Convergence we will be hosting a Talanoa Dialogue, with any attendee who wishes to represent members of the wider permaculture community from across Europe, and invited representatives or partners from aligned movements from our invited contributors. We will input the harvest from this session and the shared vision from a permaculture worldview and community of practice.

We will host a Talanoa Dialogue for Climate Ambition on the 4th day of the Convergence, themed ‘New Partners in Permaculture‘ and it will be submitted to be collated with all the Talanoa Dialogues from around the world on the online platform at

For the All Ireland Permaculture Network The Talanoa Dialogue approach represents values and practices that are aligned with our own. Permaculture has a rights based focus and facilitation ethos. At the grass roots and community level we have been using very similar methods for our discussions, decisions and visions and are very excited to see this tradition permeate the COP Facilitative Dialogue in 2018

Tickets are available just for the day, and for the full 5 day programme here.

What is the Talanoa Dialogue?

The Talanoa Dialogue is to engage in story telling with a purpose, helping to spread the COP23 and COP24 Presidencies’ call for maximum ambition and maximum action.

Talanoa is a traditional word used in Fiji and across the Pacific to reflect a process of inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue. The purpose of Talanoa is to share stories, build empathy and to make wise decisions for the collective good. The process of Talanoa involves the sharing of ideas, skills and experience through storytelling.

During the process, participants build trust and advance knowledge through empathy and understanding. Blaming others and making critical observations are inconsistent with building mutual trust and respect, and therefore inconsistent with the Talanoa concept. Talanoa fosters stability and inclusiveness in dialogue by creating a safe space that embraces mutual respect for a platform for decision making for a greater good.

At the Paris Conference (COP-21), the Parties to the UNFCCC decided to convene a Facilitative Dialogue in 2018 with two objectives:

  • to take stock of collective progress towards the long-term goal of the Paris Agreement.
  • to inform the preparation of nationally determined contributions (NDCs) to be submitted by all parties in 2020.

The Dialogue is facilitated jointly by the Fijian COP-23 presidency and by the Polish COP-24 presidency. Fiji stressed that the process should be inclusive, participatory,and transparent and that inputs provided must aim at promoting constructive and respectful discussions.

The Talanoa Dialogue is structured along three guiding questions:

Where are we?
Where do we want to go?
How do we get there?

Additionally, the presidencies have encouraged Parties and non-Party stakeholders to cooperate in convening local, national, regional, or global events in support of the Dialogue.

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