“As Irish as potatoes” Planting spuds at Knockree for the EUPC. 6th May 2018

We have been working hard to bring great food to the convergence as we believe that this is the piece that turns a gathering into a celebration! To help us achieve this we are building a woodfired camp kitchen and planting a vegetable garden to grow the bulk of our spuds and greens and herbs on site to offer attendees a truly locally sourced, low impact vegan wholefood meal plan.

But we also understand that people will have a diverse range of needs and requirements so we are looking to offer the following choices:

  • A choice of the vegan wholefood gluten free catering as either fully catered (3 meals a day) for €70 for the 5 days or a dinner only option for €50 for the 5 days.
  • At lunchtimes we will also be bringing in a choice of local, specially chosen food truck to offer an alternative to fully vegan catering and showcase the diversity of Irish food.
  • If hostel accommodation is booked, you also have access to the self catering kitchens
  • If you’re camping or in a van you obviously also have the option of self catering at your camp.

Tell me more about the vegan catering option?

The vegan catering option is being provided by ‘Fire Cook’ Sue Mills, a keystone of our All Ireland Permaculture Gatherings of these past years. We are building Sue a dedicated camp kitchen and all food will be cooked over a wood fire, using pretty much solely organic food grown locally, in season and certainly grown on the island of Ireland, though there will be a judicious use of oils and spices from further afield. As previously mentioned we are designing and planting a kitchen garden to provide us with the bulk of potatoes and greens.

Not only is Sue’s setup and cooking a spectacle to behold, but it will also be a completely vegan kitchen, using no animal products whatsoever. The vegan food provided is tasty and nutritious, with a rich variety of textures and flavours. Using the methods and combinations of ingredients, and the special situation of cooking over fragrant wood coals, the healing properties of fresh, beyond organic produce is enhanced and released.

Sue in her element at the 2014 All Ireland Permaculture Gathering

Sue in her element at the 2014 All Ireland Permaculture Gathering

Sue and her crew have many years of experience working together in field kitchens in some rather ‘creative’ conditions and environments, not only at The All Ireland Permaculture Gathering, but at Earthsong and other festivals and gatherings in Ireland.

Click here to watch a video about Sue Mills on Vimeo

What’s on the menu?

We are still finalising the details of the actual menu, and a lot will depend on what is available at the time of the EUPC, but it will all look something like this:

Breakfast: 0700 ~ 09.00
Hot oat porridge, muesli and fruit and seeds
Breads, vegan spreads and jams

Lunch: 12.30 ~ 14.30
Soups , salads, breads and spreads
A vegan dessert or cake or fruit

Dinner: 17.30 ~ 19.30
Warming hearty evening stew and vegetable
A vegan dessert or cake or fruit

The cost for this is €70 for all 3 meals for the 5 days, or €50 if you take the dinner only option and self cater your own breakfast and lunches.

Please note that you will need to bring your own plate/bowl, mug and cutlery and be responsible for washing them up yourself in the separate washing up area.

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What about drinks?

There will also be a separate dedicated tea fire area with tea and coffee available to everyone!


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