The journey to host a EUPC starts well ahead of the actual event and the teams of people involved are growing well, like a bacteria, or mycelium. The team that applied to host the EUPC had been forming and gaining experience since 2011 when they started to run All Ireland Permaculture Gatherings.

The first one was in Co Wicklow, and since then they have moved around the island to help develop the network of permaculture interested and practicing people.

They have been held in Roscommon, Galway, Tipperary, Down, Tipperary again, and Donegal and is returning to County Wicklow again just before the EUPC in the camping field. ThisĀ article in Permaculture Magazine tried to give the flavour of the 2015 event.

So it is great to putting all our experiences together to create the EUPC back in Wicklow where our gatherings journey began. We’ve learnt a lot and are sure that stepping up to running the EUPC will teach us more. We’ve used permaculture design principals and ethics every step of the way, and are doing so again in the EUPC design. Hopefully this will be apparent to participants.

Looking forward to meeting permis from further afield.

Suzie Cahn EUPC 2018 coordinator

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