EUPC2018 Programme Info

The summary below gives the initial outline of the programme pattern.


The EUPC’s official start, opening ceremony, orientation and session sign ups will begin on the morning of the 9th August. It is possible to arrive set up, and meet with others on the 8th to be fresh and ready to begin. There will be a team of volunteers to welcome you, but meals etc must be self organised on this day as the meal plans will not begin until the evening meal of the 8th August.

More details on the programme.


There will be pre-scheduled speakers and workshop hosts on days 1, 4, and 5 (see details below).

Day 1 sessions – Honour the Elders panel and workshops.

We are asking some Elders living on the Island of Ireland who have been active in practicing Permaculture in various areas (as outlined on the petals of Holgrem’s original flower – click on the image on the left) for 15 plus years to share their experiences.

If we receive bookings from similar Elders coming to attend from other countries in Europe who would like to join a panel or host a workshop on this day please let us know on your booking form.

Days 2 and 3 will be run via Open Space.

When booking please indicate on your booking form if you want to offer a session, talk, discussion, workshop etc during the open space and give details of what topics, skills etc will be covered and what space materials might be needed etc. Once we have your booking we will be in touch via email to finalise details

(Diagram credit to Alex Vincent, architecture student Cal Poly 

DAY  4

The theme for this day is new partners for permaculture: reaching beyond our edges. We are inviting speakers from related organisations on the Island of Ireland (for example: heritage seed organisations, school and community gardens, gardening clubs, landscape designers, arts organisations development educators, ENGO’s, Intentional/Eco communities, and Transition Towns), to create cross fertilisation with permaculture via panel discussions and workshops.

We will also be holding a Talanoa Dialogue on this day. More information here

Again if attendees wish to represent similar or related organisations in their own countries please indicate if you would like to join a panel or host a workshop on your booking form.


If you want to consider the future of permaculture this last themed morning will give you an idea of what is coming as we look to the newer projects and practitioners.  Our Newbies, will make up Future Visions panels, and sessions, which we will seed once again with people living on the Island of Ireland, but very much hope to learn about other new projects from across Europe! Again if you are involved with a new permaculture application or project please let us know if you would be willing to share your experiences by indicate this on your booking form.

As we confirm speakers we will create a full programme to share with attendees so watch this space!

And if here is anything you particularly that you want to see or discuss or present or give a talk about, please let us know on your booking form.

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